Mr Ross Snow


Mr Ross Snow is a highly regarded Urologist and has been a consultant urologist in Melbourne for more than 20 years.

His qualifications include MBBS, ECFMG, RACS (Part 1), RACS (Part2, General Surgery), RACS (Part 2, Urology), FRACS, FACS.

After qualifying, he spent two years in North America pursuing interests in urologic oncology and reconstructive surgery. On returning to Melbourne, he was appointed a consultant urologic surgeon at The Alfred and was Head of the Urology Unit 1996-2008. Dr Snow helped to establish prostatic brachytherapy at The Alfred and is involved in training new urologic surgeons. He is Chairman of the Urology Group at Cabrini Health and is senior partner and consultant urologist with Australian Urology Associates. He has a strong interest in all aspects of prostate cancer and has actively contributed to ongoing debate surrounding the screening and management of this condition. He also has a particular interest in prosthetics in Urology.

Despite his busy schedule, he has been active in numerous publications and presentations in his area of expertise. Snow was the President of the Urological Society of Australasia in 2006 and is a member of the American Urological Association, Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons and AMA. He has also been engaged in various teaching duties including Monash University and the Alfred.

Mr Snow has provided expert opinions for IIME for medical negligence matters, conducted permanent impairment assessments according to the AMA guidelines 4th Edition, and specialises in Urology. He is also competent in modules relating to core and the urological system to further broaden his skillset with the whole person impairment assessment training and reports he provides.