IIME offer a superior allied health service; focusing on cost- effective, comprehensive reports delivered within your precise timeframes

Occupational Therapists

Our team of experienced Occupational Therapists offer a national in-home assessment service specialising in medicolegal reports for clients with acquired brain injury, multi- trauma orthopaedic injuries, amputees and neurological conditions

  • Standard case assessment reports assess and evaluate the clients personal and domestic care requirements, minor home modifications, equipment and aids as well as replacement costings. These assessments are conducted in the home and usually take 1-2 hours.
  • Complex case assessment reports considers the clients long term impairment and condition which affects their communication, social interaction, learning, mobility, self care and self management. The comprehensive report includes recommendations relating to personal and domestic care requirements, minor home modifications, life time care, aids and equipment costings. Assessments take 2-3 hours in the home.

Vocational Assessments

These comprehensive vocational assessments evaluate skill, abilities and requirements to assist in finding new employment. Based on the assessment or file review, a detailed report will assist in determining the best job fit by offering a range of options. Conducted by highly experienced vocational advisor, the report provides details about the suitability of specific employment options and information pertaining to the current labour market.


Fitness for Duty Assessments

Our physiotherapists are well versed at conducting worksite assessments for employers. Fitness for duty assessments reviews a workers ability to perform their role. These physical assessments include a review of task analysis, a physical assessment; based on the inherent job requirements, and a detailed report outlining what parts of the role the work is able, or unable to perform. Suggested modifications may be included if appropriate. These assessments are available throughout Victoria.

IIME also provide neuropsychological fitness for duty assessments. An extensive interview and evaluation is conducted by a clinical neuropsychologist who reviews the workers personal history and current status; physical, communication, cognitive, behavioural/emotional, activities of daily living and current treatment. The detailed report includes results and findings from the assessment as well as answers to any questions that you as an employer may have.


IIME are able to schedule appointments within 4 weeks of request and produce quality, concise reports within 6 weeks of the assessments.