Katrina Curtain

Occupational Therapist

Introducing Katrina Curtain, a highly esteemed Occupational Therapist with a wealth of experience and expertise in medicolegal assessments. Katrina serves as the Principal Occupational Therapist and Owner of OT Rehab Solutions, a leading provider of community-based rehabilitation services in Sydney, NSW.

With a career spanning over two decades, Katrina has held key positions across various healthcare settings, showcasing her commitment to delivering exceptional care. Prior to establishing OT Rehab Solutions, Katrina served as the NSW Clinical Operations Manager and Senior Occupational Therapist at Everyday Independence, where she played a pivotal role in managing clinical operations and providing specialised care to clients.

Katrina’s extensive experience also includes serving as the Lead Occupational Therapist at Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in QLD, where she led a team in delivering high-quality rehabilitation services. Additionally, she has worked as a Senior Neurological Occupational Therapist at Australian Rehab Works, further enhancing her expertise in neurological rehabilitation.

Notably, Katrina’s career has taken her overseas, where she served as a Senior Occupational Therapist in the Acute Stroke Unit at St Thomas Hospital in London, UK. This international experience provided her with valuable insights and a global perspective on rehabilitation practices.

Katrina is an active member of the Australian Association of Occupational Therapists, demonstrating her commitment to professional development and adherence to the highest standards of practice.

In her role as a medicolegal expert, Katrina’s reports are renowned for their meticulous detail and comprehensive assessment of individuals’ impairments and needs. Her dedication to providing timely and accurate evaluations ensures that her clients receive the support they require in legal proceedings.

In summary, Katrina Curtain stands as a respected Occupational Therapist with a diverse background and a focus on medicolegal expertise. Her extensive experience, coupled with her commitment to excellence, makes her a trusted professional in the field of rehabilitation and expert opinion provision.

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