Dr Robert Lefkovits

General Physician
MBBS, FRACP Paediatrics

Dr Robert Lefkovits is a highly experienced Consultant General Physician. He has been a Principal Specialist at the Austin Repatriation Medical Centre with both inpatient and outpatient responsibility and is currently consulting at Cabrini Hospital.

His qualifications include MBBS (Melbourne University), FRACP (Honours &Exhibition) Paediatrics.

In addition to his qualifications, he has teaching appointments with the Department of Medicine at Melbourne University, as a Clinical Tutor at the Austin Hospital Campus and is also an Honorary Lecturer in the Department of Medicine, Monash University, Cabrini Campus. He also has advanced training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is an Honorary Geriatric Consultant to the Montefiore Homes for the Aged and Gary Homes for the Aged.

His expertise covers Internal Medicine, with special interest in Rheumatology, Cardiology and Diagnostic Medicine. In his vast experience, he has conducted assessments of work-related injuries and Road Traffic Accidents and has extensive experience in performing Impairment Assessments. He is qualified to do AMA permanent impairment assessments (4th edition) specialising in General Medicine and completed modules on Cardiovascular system, Core, Haematology, Infectious Occupational Diseases, Dermatology (Skin & Scarring), Hand and Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine, and Digestive System. He has been providing medico legal opinions and assessments with IIME for over 11 years.

Due to his expertise, he has experience in managing acute medical conditions, peri-operative patients and patients with multiple comorbidities and diagnostic problems.

Occupational Physician