Dr Garry Helprin


Dr Garry Helprin is a Cardiologist in private practice with over 20 years’ experience. A graduate of the University of New South Wales, he has had international experience at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, and the Duke University Medical Centre in North Carolina.

He has extensive Intensive Care and Consultive Cardiology experience and has completed the Advanced Training Cardiology Program for the Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP).

Currently, Dr Helprin does emergency on-call for two university teaching hospitals as well as running his private practice and providing high-level medicolegal reports. Dr Helprin is the Head of the Department of Medicine at Fairfield Hospital, NSW. Dr Helprin is available to complete reports in the field of Cardiology and General Medicine, and in selected cases of Cardiac Surgery and Paediatric Cardiology.

Dr Helprin is able to provide reports in medicolegal cases with emphasis on medical negligence matters.

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