Associate Professor Luke Lawton

Emergency Medicine Physician

Associate Professor Luke Lawton is a qualified emergency physician, and the Director of one of Australia’s biggest tertiary emergency departments, with approximately 90 000 presentations (25% paediatric) each year. He provides medical oversight and clinical governance to a team of approximately 120 doctors. Associate Professor Lawton is a Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine and also has a Masters degree in Public Health. He has worked both internationally and in a number of Australian states. He practices general emergency medicine as a Senior Staff Specialist and provides expert opinions on adult and paediatric cases both in the emergency department and also in the setting of acute inpatient deterioration and resuscitation events. He is also an experienced retrieval physician who concurrently works in aeromedical co-ordination with the Queensland Retrieval. He prides himself on the integrity of his opinions, and has experience speaking on medico-legal matters in the court setting, up to the level of the Supreme Court.

Occupational Physician