Personal Injury Seminar

IIME are pleased to invite you to a breakfast seminar with Occupational Physician, Dr Mary Wyatt, presenting a case study on back pain, and the question “Has the work contribution ceased, Doctor?” This presentation is one doctors thought process on how to answer this question.

Dr Wyatt has been an independent examiner for over 25 years. Dr Wyatt provides impairment assessments and reports for fitness for duties and workers compensation and Insurance matters. She was the ex-chair of the Australasian Facility of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Policy and Advisory committee and is a current active member. She initiated the Health Benefits of Good Work agenda and has published multiple research papers.

Dr Wyatt is the director of, an online resource for return to work professionals.

You are invited to join us for breakfast on Wednesday 11th September, to listen to Dr Mary Wyatt speak, and engage with her directly with a question and answer session which will follow.